Jet-Stream air pumps

Jet-Stream™ air pumps 

Jet Stream air pump


7 Models - 35lpm - 200lpm

The Jet-Stream™ range of air pumps have been designed specifically for use in deep water and boast a high pressure while still retaining low noise and wattage. They feature a double damping system for noise absorption and the twin air chambers produce a large quantity of air at a strong pressure.


  • High-grade aluminum alloy housing
  • High pressure ECO pump
  • Double damping system
  • Pure compressed air
  • Dual air chambers
  • Noise absorbing
  • Super silent


The strong pressure provided by the Jet-Stream air pumps are perfectly suited for aerating the nutrient solution in hydroponic systems.


Jet-Stream air pumps


Ideal for fish keepers that need the highest possible levels of oxygen in their ponds. The Jet-Stream air pumps are economical to run, durable and totally reliable.


Jet-Stream air pump for koi carp

Sewage treatment

The Jet-Stream air pumps can be used in conjunction with air diffusers to provide oxygen in aerobic wastewater treatment.


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